Majorana hortensis

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The leaves of marjoram are used fresh or dried for seasoning potato dishes, soups (potato soup), sauces, sausages, legumes. For drying, all the stems are harvested before flowering, so dried marjoram contains leaves, stems and buds.

The Saxon potato soup is simply not perfect without the aroma of marjoram. Try it:

750 g potatoes (floury cooking variety)

2 onions1 stick of leek2 carrots

1 piece of celery

100 g of smoked bacon or ham

1 tablespoon of clarified butter1.5 liters of broth1 bay leaf1 teaspoon

dried marjoram or a fresh bunch

Salt, pepper, nutmeg

Peel potatoes and dice, clean onions and finely chop. Clean leeks and peel carrots, finely chop them. Cut ham or bacon into small cubes. In the stock pot, drain the clarified butter and fry the bacon and onions. Then add the vegetables in portions and simmer briefly. Add the meat stock, season with salt and pepper, add the bay leaf and the dried marjoram and simmer for 30 minutes. Crumble the finished soup and season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. The fresh marjoram is added now - good appetite!

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  • Growth habit:upright
  • Growth habit:mounding
  • Growth vigor:strong
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