Elsner pac - passion and competence

Breeding - laboratory - production.

We are a Saxon company with partners all over the world.

The breeding department works on various ornamental plants. Strong, uniform and persistent varieties, which are just as convincing in the production plant as in the sales  and finally over a long period of time with the customer, are our goal.

In the diagnostic laboratory pac® Biotec we test our own material and also cultures on customer order for diseases. Furthermore, we test irrigation water samples for pathogen contamination and run nutrient analyses of substrate and soil samples. In the tissue culture laboratory, plants are treated, kept in depots and propagated in vitro as required.

We supply healthy cuttings worldwide from our mother plant locations in Kenya and Portugal.

In the production nursery in Thiendorf with a total of 6.5 hectares of high glass area, young plants and semi-finished products grow as the starting material for your success.