Elsner PAC offers considerable services, such as

Virus-, Viroid- and Bacteria diagnosis: Thereby you know if your plants are healthy.
Heat Therapy: Heat therapy and subsequent micropropagation guarantee healthy plant material.
In vitro propagation: Build-up of stock plant material gets accelerated and independent from season.
Depot storage/Keeping: If required we keep your healthy plant material under sterile conditions save from infection until demanded.
Soil analysis: We check nutrients and other data


Dr. Dominic Eberle

Laboratory Manager
phone: +49 (0)35248 399 140
fax: +49 (0)35248 399 150
E-Mail: d.eberle@pac-elsner.com




Our laboratory bears the "Nakt certificate" in its entirety of the processes as well as the in vitro cultures. The certificate certifies that all processes as well as the propagation material meet the high quality standard of Naktuinbouw.

Our assortment is very extensive with 55 genera and more than 1000 varieties. Early ordering ensures timely delivery in the desired quantity and quality. 

Tissue culture laboratory

Virus-free plant material from the tissue culture laboratory

In our tissue culture laboratory, plants are obtained by in vitro propagation. With the help of this method, absolutely healthy and true-to-type young plants can be grown. For sensitive plant species, in vitro propagation is almost the only way to obtain pathogen-free plant material by meristem culture.

Other advantages of the tissue culture laboratory include mass propagation through the production of genetically identical plants, known as clone propagation. In the case of plants that are particularly difficult to propagate, development is carried out from the embryo (embryo rescue)

biotec - the diagnostic laboratory

Our testing and diagnosis department pac biotec specializes in the diagnosis of biotic and abiotic causes of damage.

In order to secure the own production but also in service, phytopathogenic infections and diseases are diagnosed by bacterial cultivation, immunofluorescence tests as well as serological and microbiological examinations.


In order to also keep an eye on abiotic factors, soil testing has been part of our service since October 2020. For this purpose, pH value, salt content and the content of various nutrients are examined and evaluated on request and a fertilizer recommendation is given. In this way, you and we can precisely control the fertilization for an optimal product and with economical use of fertilizers.