Article number: 13711


The compact and very uniform growing pac Pinkerbell® charm with a unique flower pattern and plenty of blooms.

It can be grown together with other Regal Geranium, but as well be potted till week 6 together with other Geraniums. Pinkerbell flowers with natural light from week 17 without vernalisation, and with its compact and uniform growth a high amount per square meter can be cultivated. So it is a great product also for growers.

(The greenhouse picture from week 17/ 2022 shows Pinkerbell potted in week 06/ 2022)

In short: the most easygoing Pelargonium!

  • Color:pink with light star and markings
  • Leafcolor:green
  • Earliness:very early
  • Growth habit:upright
  • Growth vigor:compact
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