Pink Capitatum

Номер ариткула: 14007


It is mainly young customers who look for the unusual for their balconies. Our answer to that trend is, for example, our scentedleaved pelargonium. It offers multiple pleasure to the senses – the scent from its leaves, the brilliance of its flowers. Untreated leaves give meals, pastry, salads or jams a special note of taste. Scented-leaved pelargoniums are ideally suited for creatively experimenting and for urban gardening.

: Запах: фруктовый

  • Цвет:ярко-розовый
  • Окраска листа:green
  • Время цветения:средний
  • характер роста:вверх
  • Сила роста:средний
  • Форма цветка:единичный
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