Mother plant farms

In order to meet the increased requirements of the horticultural sector, we have invested in two modern, efficient mother plant farms in recent years.The elite material for both mother plant locations comes without exception from certified laboratories. Very strict hygiene protocols apply in all areas, which are strictly separated from one another, and windows covered with insect-proof nets
also ensure the highest level of safety. In addition, the stocks are regularly tested to ensure production for 12 months of the year.
Since 2018, the majority of plant protection on all mother plant areas have been carried out with biological crop protection. The advantages of this are not only the protection of the environment and the possibility of being able to re-enter the areas quickly, but in growing stronger cuttings. Very intensive stock controls by scouts in every greenhouse ensure that further measures are taken if necessary.
The companies are networked with our German head office via a common computer program, and orders are coordinated via an online ordering system. Deliveries from both nurseries can thus be combined and delivered worldwide in one consignment.
The very close cooperation between the mother plant nurseries and our propagation company in Thiendorf, coordinated fertilisation and plant protection protocols and constant exchange with customers all over the world are our way to very well conditioned cuttings and young plants, the basis for your cultivation success.

The mother plant farm in Kenya

Since 2006 we have been working closely with a mother plant company in Kenya at Lake Naivasha, and in 2016 we became a partner in the company. Here in Kentalya, 26 hectares of modern greenhouses have now been set up for the production of cuttings, which are MPS certified. In order to ensure the quality of the cuttings, investments have been and are constantly being made. The mother plants are placed on tables in carefully separated areas and the entire stock is supplied with cleaned, disinfected water from a new water treatment plant. In addition, a new cold storot facility has been built in recent year for rapid cooling and good packaging.
But at least as important as good technical conditions are the colleaques on site. Providing for them and their families by, among other things, treating drinking water and making it available free of charge, supporting a school and running their own health station, ensures good cooperation. Further social benefits and the establishment of a pension scheme will also provide the families with long-term security.

The Mother plant farm in Portugal

Not all crops grow optimally in the highlands around Lake Naivasha, and there are also import restrictions to Europe for some species. Therefore in 2017 the Elsner pac Portugal Lta. was founded, in whose greenhouses in Pegoes cuttings of the Solanaceae, herbs and various bed and balcony plants are harvested today. The deliveries can quickly reach worldwide destinations from Lisbon. Since 2019, part of the company has been ecocert certified and supplies cuttings from 15 genera of herbs in organic quality, the whole greenhouse is Global GAP certified. 58 well-trained employees manage 30,000 m2 of greenhouse, 8,000 m2 will be modernised in the Summer of 2020.

Our nursery in Thiendorf

First greenhouses of our nursery in Thiendorf were built 2002. Since then we build more greenhouses and finally moved to the new facility in 2021.