Exhibitions in 2024

We like to meet you:

11. - 14. June 2024
Elsner pac by Kebol B.V., Rijshornstraat 209, 1435 HH Rijsenhout, Niederlande

16. - 19. June 2024
pac-Open Days 2024
Elsner pac, Gärtnersiedlung 2, 01561 Thiendorf, Germany 


Beet- und Balkonpflanzentage der Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten für Gartenbau:

18.06.2024 - Thüringer Blütensommer an der LVG Erfurt, Leipziger Str. 75A, 99085 Erfurt

19.06.2024 - Beet- und Balkonpflanzentag der Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Dresden Pillnitz, Söbrigener Str. 3A, 01326 Dresden

02.07.2024 - Zierpflanzentag an der Staatschule für Gartenbau in Stuttgart-Hohenheim

03.07.2024 - Sommertagung Zierpflanzenbau an der Staatliche Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für den Gartenbau, Diebsweg 2, 69123 Heidelberg

04.07.2024 - Balkonpflanzentag an der LWG Veitshöchheim, An der Steige 15, 97209 Veitshöchheim

Four Oaks Trade Show
Macclesfield, Cheshire (Vereinigtes Königreich) Stand-Nr. D8 + D9

TWOinONE Ruby Red

Red, deep red, Ruby Red: Our special variety Ruby Red as part of our TWOinONE series beats all comparison varieties in a Swiss show garden. The color was not the only decisive factor. The variety combines all the positive characteristics of Zonal and Peltatum Pelargoniums. As a result, it convinces in summer heat and rainy periods equally well. Visitors rated the variety as outstanding.
We offer Ruby Red like all TWOinONE Pelargoniums as a normal young plant, but also in the ECO XXL Pot, as an extra large young plant with guaranteed growth. A product that is becoming more and more popular, as it enables a fast and safe cultivation success. Try it out!
Do you have any questions about our TWOinONE Ruby Red? Please contact our sales team or our sales reps directly!
Your pac® Team

Our pac® Fireworks®

This exclusive Pelargonium series from Elsner pac® ignites a firework of colours on every balcony and terrace, the star-shaped flowers delight not only Geranium lovers! Intense colours and the unique shape of the blossoms ensure recognisability at the point of sale.

pac® Fireworks® Pelargoniums can be cultivated with standard Pelargoniums in combination to the finished product, but should not be planned for the earliest marketing weeks. Attractive labels are available from Elsner pac®. Order your young plants now to secure added value and increased sales in the 2024 Pelargonium season.
Contact our sales team or our field service directly!
Your pac® team

Chocolate - the sweetest Geraniums

“Chocolate Pelargoniums” are only available by pac®!
The wonderful color contrasts of the bright flower balls over chocolate-colored foliage are real eye-catchers in sales and also for the final consumer.
Chocolate Pelargoniums are also extremely attractive as a pot plant and flower all summer long. The series is easy to cultivate, blooms very early and is therefore suitable for the
first pelargonium sales in spring.
To support the sales, there are attractive labels available that can by requested at cost price. For further materials to sales support - such as posters or similar - please contact our sales team or our sales reps directly.
Your pac®-team

Four Oaks - thank you!

Togetihth our british partner Peter Collins we attended in the  Four Oaks Show last week. Surrounded from abundantly flowering Geraniums, we were happy to meet you and have interesting conversation. Thank you for your visiour booth!

Ihr Jörg Mehle

Aristo - noble beauties

Do you know our Regals series Aristo®? The series isn't called that for nothing. Among them are noble color varieties with special cultural properties.

After a 6-week cooling period at around 10 °C, they induce their flowers which are sure to appear in early spring. In addition to the flexible, unbreakable foliage, the flowers also have excellent durability properties during transport and at the Point of Sale.

The Aristo® varieties are particularly attractive as a range supplement for retail outlets to set themselves apart from mass producers.

As pot plants for the balcony, but even as indoor plants, these make a very good alternative to orchids on the windowsill. Aristos® are high-quality but affordable gift ideas that will make everyone happy.

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact our sales team or our sales reps.

Your pac®-Team

Here's to a new one!

Dear customers,

The old season has hardly gone quiet and the thought of next year is already knocking on the door with the new assortment. This is exactly the right time to make a note of the impressions that are still fresh in your mind and to plan ahead.

Click here for the new bedding and balcony plants catalogue

And this link will take you directly to the herbs and edible plants.

Best regards

Your team from Elsner pac

Exhibitions in 2023

Meet us at the

Four Oaks Trade Show

05. - 06. September 2023

Macclesfield, Cheshire (Vereinigtes Königreich) Stand-Nr. D8 + D9

Save money with ECO-XXL-Plants

Rising energy costs pose questions for all of us - and ECO-XXL young plants can be an answer!

Eco-XXL young plants are at least 7 weeks cultivated and trimmed young plants that have a significant head start in development and can thus be cultivated cooler and shorter until they are ready for sale. Compared to semi-finished products, transportation is much cheaper, on one CC we ship 44 trays of 50mm ellepots, totaling 2200 plants.

We offer a wide range of many genera in this product form, read more.

Did you check out our new Cleome?

Araña are through-bred, vegetatively propagated cleomes, which have fewer spines and no sticky leaves. The orchid-like flowers give a touch of exoticism, especially in borders. With Araña we have the leading assortment in the program and supply of it unrooted cuttings, young plants in the 104 tray and also ECO-XXL young plants for the fast culture.

Click here to go directly to the Arana-Cleome

Taspo Awards - Dianthus Solo con Te is among the finalists!

We have applied for the Taspo Awards with Dianthus Solo con Te and this pretty novelty attracted a lot of attention! Uncomplicated in production, trade and also afterwards, versatile to use for small floristic ideas at home, only with it really everything is possible. We are very happy about the nomination for the final!

Two exciting weeks are behind us

With some excitement we set up our assortment and staged the highlights at our new fair location at Kebol in Rijsenhout - and were thrilled! Many visitors found their way to the new location and welcomed the proximity to the centre of the Flower Trials, which also meant a short walk to our exhibition. Sortenpräsentation bei den FlowerTrials
pac-Sortenversuchsfeld mit Besucher:innen Directly afterwards, our customer days took place in Thiendorf, where we also presented the special varieties and concepts for the 2022-23 season and were able to show the trial field and our variety show in the new show greenhouse. At 38°C and windy conditions, the variety range was hard to walk through completely, but the concepts and the variety comparison met with great interest.
The final event was Spoga-Gafa, where we participated for the first time and presented three selected concepts. Of particular interest here was the wider circle of products for patio and garden, in which our products assert themselves and in which they are also perceived by consumers. Messestand auf der Spoga Gafa

Thank you very much for visiting the three locations!

Soil tests

The coldest weeks are behind us, the goods for the main season in April and May are mostly potted. Now it is important to choose the right crop and also to keep an eye on the nutritional status. Soil analyses are a good way to check the fertilization that has already taken place and to take countermeasures if necessary. Our diagnostic laboratory pac® biotec is the new home of the Saxon Special Laboratory for Horticultural Soils since October 2020 and is happy to examine your substrate sample as well!

  • The basic analysis includes pH, salinity, volume weight, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • In addition, a magnesium and chloride determination, as well as a determination of the organic substance (humus) are also offered.
  • Upon request, we evaluate their soil samples and provide fertilizer recommendations.

This way you know if everything is fine - the plants optimally supplied and for the environment as little impact as possible.

Your contact person and contact for sending in the soil samples is Dr. Eberle, 0049 35248 399140, d.eberle@pac-elsner.com


Dear customers,

for advertising purposes we are happy to provide you with pictures of PAC varieties. Please use the Online Order section of our website, where you can download images of almost all products in the Assortment section. You will receive login data from our staff in the sales department.

Of course we will also answer short-term picture requests by email as soon as possible.

With kind regards

Your team from Elsner pac