Candy Flowers® Pink with Eye*

Campeye* Article number: 13704


pac® Candy Flowers® - is an interspecific regal pelargonium for the balcony and terrace.
Its flowers are more delicate than those of conventional regal pelargoniums. Thanks to its remarkable heat tolerance, it flowers uninterruptedly from spring into autumn. Cooling for developing the flower is not required. Cold cultivation jointly with classical regal pelargoniums is possible. Candy Flowers® can be marketed also as potted/indoor plants. Its fast growth, its very good branching property and its early blossom mean short raising time and little energy input should be noted by the customer.

  • Color:pink with red markings
  • Leafcolor:green
  • Earliness:very early
  • Growth habit:upright
  • Growth vigor:medium
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