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Tissue Culture Lab Dresden Tolkewitz

Our laboratory located in Dresden Tolkewitz, Germany, exists since 1956. Since 2011 the laboratory is also certificated after Naktuinbouw Elite Crop regulations . Our assortment includes many certified varieties.

The tissue culture lab is dedicated to micropropagation of bed and balcony plants. The primary advantage of in vitro cultivation is the fast and efficient production of pathogen-free stock plant material on a large scale.

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Advantages of in vitro cultivation

  • Meristem cultivation

    Production and maintenance of pathogen-free plants

  • Large-scale production

    Production of genetically identical plants (plant propagation by cloning)

  • Embryo Rescue

    Cultivation from embryos (particularly with difficult-to-reproduce plants)

Diagnositc and Test Lab

The diagnostic unit within the PAC lab is competent in diagnosis of different plant pests and diseases. Methods used for diagnosis involves bacterial culture, immunofluorescence tests, serological and molecular tests.

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Our Service to You

  • Virus-, Viroid- And Bacteria diagnosis

    Thereby you know if your plants are healthy.

  • Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy and subsequent micropropagation guarantee healthy plant material.

  • In vitro propagation

    Build-up of stock plant material gets accelerated and independent from season.

  • Depot storage / Keeping

    If required we keep your healthy plant material under sterile conditions save from infection until demanded.